Earthereum - Sweet Planets #007 / 100 - Edition of 3

"What if we mined all Ethereum on earth? Will we find other planets full of it? - 'Hey, it doesn‘t work that way!'"

Name: Kepler-62 b
Type: Super Earth
Distance: 991 Light-Years
Mass: 9 x Earth

[3D Rendering, Post Composing PS - Collectible Trading Card]
3240 x 4050px, PNG (11.8 MB)

- - -

A - Whoever spends 1 ETH or more, gets this card printed, back signed and glass framed as a collectible real world item.

B - Whoever spends 10 ETH or more, gets 10 different pieces of 100 as printed trading cards. All back signed and glass framed.

C - Whoever spends 100 ETH or more, gets the entire collection of 100 unique pieces as printed trading cards. All back signed and glass framed. (After all 100 will be sold)
Website: Visit
NFT Time: 07 Mar 2022 - TBA
Dates: Start: 07 Mar 2022
Initial Price : 13.51 USD
Lots to sell: 1
Lots sold: 1
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The term “Fuku” refers to fortune or good luck. “Shiva” refers to the Hindu deity who represents strongly polar qualities, both severe and delicate. On a beach inspired by adventures on Phi Phi island in Thailand, three youths cavort. Two are representational figures and the third is psychologically rendered. A dynamic relationship ensues between the triad; a reciprocity of active and passive states. The boy on the right engages in maneuvers of evasion, defense, and is dressed in a speedo which reiterates the colors and symbolism of the caution tape on the left and upper right frame of the composition. In concurrent reaction the psychedelic figure shoots out a rocket powered paper airplane. The nude boy seated in the froth and sand approaches in passive repose, and is met with active attention but equal physical reserve by the psychedelic being. Perhaps the most naked figure is also the least representational. Looming large, dynamic, and active, it engages its companions playfully. Various symbols interject into the otherwise naturalistic scene, most notably a beach ball and two contaminated barrels nested in the sand. The upright barrel reads “FukuShima” in Kanji. The barrel laying down reads “Dharma”. To the left the scene is bounded by caution tape, reiterating the danger of the nuclear waste while also hosting alien archetypes, whose presence, as is the nature of these entities, runs up and just behind the consciousness of the psychedelic figure’s eggshell-like skull.
Tile [7, 13] - The Notch
7 13
Candy Girl
Today we are the ones our parents warned us about in the past. Do you remember the colourful PEZ dispensers with the different faces? When we were kids we used to stack candy, and today we stack satoshis because we have a plan B. We stick to this plan because Mahatma Gandhi has already said, "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. That is why we are giving the middle finger to the existing system.
Really Remote Working Part 3
The third piece is the Really Remote Working series, white sands and turquoise waters make this is a desk space like no other. Created during the lockdown period whilst being confined to the same place every day, this piece is part of a series of imaginary places that I dreamed of being able to work from.
Decentralized Mind
Inspired by "Vitalik Buterin" the inventor of the Ethereum.