Invulnerability #8/49

I am a survivor of the early experiments in parenting that gave 1980s children broad access to computer games. But the state-of-the-art Amiga 500 machine which we owned at the time bore little resemblance to todays ninth-generation consoles. Blocky on-screen puddles with two white pixels for eyes were abstract monsters - but they appeared alive, I fought battles against them. These games involved a team effort between immature CPU and a childs overclocked imagination which was always there to pick up the slack. The works here are the ghosts disturbed by an archaeological dig into these memories. The scenes are not inspired by any specific game: they are each an ensemble cast of many dusty hand-labelled floppy disks, channeled through a child's eyes then weathered by time. If it is difficult for you to determine if these creatures are fleshy or inorganic, remember their ancestors were stored in mere kilobytes of memory. Excavating these childhood impressions has been an ongoing source of inspiration throughout my practice.
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Really Remote Working Part 2
The second imagined space in the series. Created during the lockdown period whilst being confined to the same place every day, this piece is part of a series of imaginary places that I dreamed of being able to work from.
Inspired by and for the 2018 North American Bitcoin conference in Miami, Florida. The palm tree that has a cracked open Bitcoin coconut suggests that by traveling you can enjoy this tropical digital fruit. The peacock nesting in the tree has spread its wings to flaunt other integrated crypto logos as well. The famous Miami skyline at the bottom incorporates the coins, as well as the code that is transforming the banking buildings that made it. The origin of that skyline is in the 80's cocaine craze, so it is all incorporated into the story of foundational transformation, linked to a global movement. The file size is suitable for an 8K TV. Mr. Moe Levin, the founder of the conference is a collector a physical print of the work. Explainer video: Upload resolution 8000x4000 PX at 300DPI
Emoji Love #2/5
Nothing can be explained when love is involved. The work is inspired by the emoji of facebook but with the addition of the tits that the social network does not like.
trump 2020
This is a photo i took of my son playing around in one of our cat carriers, redressed to express the concern and damage the continuation of the trump administration could bring to the world in 2020 and beyond. Unlike the majority of my historic work found on opensea, all content was conceived and taken by me, so felt perfect to use as my first piece on Known Origin.
The Damage #1/25
What's the damage?
Who's in control?
In a society where everyone wants to control everyone, who's in control? "Who's in control?" is a mirror of a controlling society, a futuristic vision of a current reality. Artwork with three different states in all Layers (day, night and sunset) allows owners to make different combinations and show who is in control of this artwork! *** Scanning this artwork with the ARize app [] will trigger an AR video experience*** ***Music used in the videoart by Midranger (feat. Holly Drummond) - "Unrequited" ***