Lunar Shield 月之盾

The Lunar shield is revered & sought after all over Chronville. It is a sign of both wealth & prosperity. Nobody has ever seen anybody wearing this shield as it is so rare. The origins of the shield are unknown. Some say it was forged thousands of years ago by a mysterious God, whilst others say it was made specifically to take on Lunar Dragons…But until somebody finds one, nobody will know the truth. (Oink Oink) 月之盾牌是Chronville的尊敬和追捧。它是财富和繁荣的标志。目前没有人看见这盾牌,因为它太罕见了。盾牌的起源也是未知的。有人说它是由一位神秘的上帝在几千年前伪造的,而另一些人则认为这是专门用来对付月之龙......之到有人找到这神秘的盾,没有人会知道真相。
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Exit Price: 58,332.80 USD
Lots to sell: 1
Lots sold: 1
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