The Cool Glasses - 6: Magic Forest

This Visual Toy belongs to The Cool Glasses series.

"The Cool Glasses" is an extension, expansion and reflection on the design, idea, function and concept of one of the most magical accessories of culture, fashion and science of humanity: Glasses. They can be an element of vision, virtual reality, concealment, protection, espionage, an identity and differentiating accessory that is part of your personality and image. They provide something personal, a seductive touch, a pop icon, a cultural element … the glasses are a magical object.

This collection of glasses invites you to imagine their full functionality and purpose. It presents another cultural, surreal, personal and crazy aspect to this object that covers one of the most beautiful, poetic and expressive parts of the human body. It is also a reflection of the world of globalized design devoid of fantasy or risk. The Cool Glasses presents an imagined subculture in the world of fashion and design. A new urban tribe, a new person who wears these glasses unapologetically down the street.
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NFT Time: 01 Apr 2021 - TBA
Dates: Start: 01 Apr 2021
Initial Price : 2,849.80 USD
Lots to sell: 1
Lots sold: 1
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