We Bleed Blue (Framed Original Painting)

"We Bleed Blue" was born on December 12, 1978 because Chicago Cubs fans are born not made.

Like Ray Kinsella from the film "Field of Dreams", I'd left baseball in my past. But Wrigley Field and Cubbie Blue left a lasting impression in my heart, regardless of the mess between a father and son.

Some of that mess was cleaned when I did a painting for my dad that was featured on SportsCenter's Top Plays -


That magical moment of healing led to this painting. As such, locked inside, just behind the heart, an NFC chip will take viewers directly to the clip on Youtube if they hold their phone up to the painting.

In the bottom right corner by my signature is a link back to the NFT on the blockchain.

The collector will have to contact me via email to set up delivery of the framed original painting on canvas.

[email protected]
Website: Visit
NFT Time: 17 Sept 2022 - TBA
Dates: Start: 17 Sept 2022
Initial Price : 3,500.00 USD
Lots to sell: 1
Lots sold: 1
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