21/12/2021 For sale: a CryptoPunk with an NFT data business attached

DeGenData.eth, a data provider for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), is being put up for sale -- and its operators are breaking new ground by tying the purchase to a particular CryptoPunk NFT.

As outlined ina tweet threadon Monday, the CryptoPunk in question,#5671, will be offered for sale starting January 1. "The new owner of this Punk will have the rights to claim DegenData product and assets."

"We see the lines of what NFTs are beginning to blur. Digital and physical worlds are intertwined now. NFTs aren't just profile pictures. They are becoming the value of what you create around them. It is time for us to push the space to think more about what NFTs represent," the team wrote, going on to note that DeGenData's parent company operatesanother data-focused projectfocused on crypto options.

"Our team feels strongly that we can be pioneers in crypto options analytics and pioneers in DeFi crypto options, for that reason we decided to sell DGD and using the proceeds to help build Genesis Volatility to its full potential, especially as we dig deeper into the DeFi world," they said.

According to DeGenData'sofficial website, the CryptoPunk -- and the business -- will be offered for sale at a price of 420.69 ETH, an amount worth roughly $1.6 million at the current market price.

The crypto space has seen a notable spate of activity around data projects, including Dune Analytics' efforts toraise at a $1 billion valuationand the recent fundraise byNansen, which secured funds at a $750 million valuation.



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