Formed from a ball of highly-concentrated Crypto crafted by Iratus himself, Daagon burst from egg as ferocious as his master. Horrifyingly devious from day one, this flying demon is the gnashing of teeth and the burning eyes of Hell you never wanted to dream about. From appearing out of the corner of a dark ceiling to grabbing at ankles from under beds, Daagon was a natural at terrifying. Any other dragon born among the Centralized became their master's pet first and Daagon's plaything second. But once Daagon made his first significant evolution, Iratus decided to begin experimenting with their partnership, sitting on the back of Daagon as they scorched planets down to a smoldering ball. No Centralized was able to defeat them, then no one was able to walk out of the ring alive. And then Daagon became the adult dragon he is today. Now, no one dares to challenge them, forcing them to take on armies that number in the millions on their own in order to stay sharp. Now, Daagon and Iratus are headed straight for Crypta, the home of the only comparable tag team in the known universe.
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Exit Price: 63,000.00 USD
Lots to sell: 1
Lots sold: 1
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Really Remote Working Part 2
The second imagined space in the series. Created during the lockdown period whilst being confined to the same place every day, this piece is part of a series of imaginary places that I dreamed of being able to work from.
缥缈之美的过去与现在(Vanitas Then and Now)
虚空派的画像。在这个虚拟时代,外在之美到底是否还受到时间的限制?(Vanitas portrait of a woman. Is beauty finite or not in the Virtual age?)
Pump, dump and bump Banksta to death. Demon or dead normal? Print fiat at will. What more do you want?
Who will be the most Meowfool of the Meowfoolest?! 6 HaCKittieZ are fighting for the crown of madness! It is time for crowns to change their history: people, this is the crown of insanity we are talking about. So tell us, who is insaner than the insanest of collectors? Only the artists - the creators - would know, while crowning the one who is brave enough to play with the craziest possibilities of Async programmable art, on these 6 HaCKittieZ. Welcome to the feast of fools. HaCKittieZ is a collaboration of Hackatao, CryptoKitties and Async. The 6 KittieZ are a reinterpretation by Hackatao of the CryptoKitties’ classic elements, following their own style and getting inspiration from their own art pieces.
Artist notes: the halving ceremony is the most unusual part of modern bitcoin production in which the owners bet on how efficiently an alpha can inseminate the market.
BDSIM | 02 #2/3
BDSIM | 02 is the second of 4 parts series exploring BDSM esthetics in a fun and unexpected way